Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Give us some rain!

I always wonder who really listens to the weather report here? I mean, e v e r y day is the same - hot, blue skies, high temperatures. This morning while driving home, the lady on the radio said: "So, all you guys out there, make sure you get out and bask in the sun while it lasts!"
'While it lasts'?? When does it ever stop?

Actually, the last few weeks have been very hot and very dry. So dry that I've for the first time spotted some fires around; yes, more than one unfortunately.
Yesterday f.e there was a fire just next to the coast road we take to get to and from school. It was burning already in the morning when I drove home after my exercise, and in the afternoon when I picked up the kids and drove past - it was in full force. It generated so much smoke, that it was actually difficult to drive past it, cause the smoke was all over the road, and it was like driving in the thickest fog.

Still, this morning, there was still oozing smoke from the site, even though the fire was now out.
It's too hot and dusty at the moment. We need some rain! Give us some rain!

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