Saturday, 20 June 2009

Commotion in the ocean

I landed just in time yesterday, to get to school and watch Lucas in his last Assembly for this year. The Reception classes had prepared a really good Assembly, about all the animals of the ocean.

At the Assembly, they perform in front of all the other children of Junior School (=up to Year 5) and in front of all their parents. I was so completely impressed again, by how all these kids sit so nicely and quietly, and just listen to what is said - it's amazing!

Lucas and his year group did so good! It was a big difference from their first Assembly actually. This time, no one hesitated, forgot their lines or even seemed shy; they all spoke with high, clear voices, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves so much! It was a joy to see!
Lucas was very pleased with his performance, and told us afterward that his teacher had told him that "I sang the goodest!". Well done Lucas!

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