Friday, 5 June 2009

Party weekend

It's a big party weekend for us here in Brunei this weekend!
We started off this afternoon, straight after school, with our friend Hannah's 5th birthday party. Lucas' teacher told us when we picked him up, that she wasn't sure who had been most excited all day, Hannah - or actually Lucas! :)
It was a lovely afternoon, spend with all their little friends - on a sugar high, of course!

"London Bridge is falling down..."

This is Abbie, Lucas' girlfriend. He told us than we they grow big, they will be in love - and she told me today, that they have kissed on the lips, "for real!"... ehm...

The birthday girl and her Tinkerbell cake:

Tonight Nathan and I are going to a grown-up birthday party, and tomorrow it's time for the royal birthday party - Prince Wakeel is turning 3 and celebrating it in grand style with a racing themed party and lots of water play; how cool is that going to be?!

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TinTin said...

Partying with Royals. Hm. Even if they're 3 is pretty cool!
I have to say you have very advanced 5-year olds... ;)