Sunday, 28 June 2009

Busy times

Everybody says that June and November are the busiest months here in Brunei. People try to cram as many social events in the calendar as they can before school breaks up, and everybody shoots off in different directions.
Not only are you busy seeing people before you go, a lot of people will actually also be leaving for good around this time, so there are a few farewell parties and different happenings. Sad times.

In school as well it's busy of course. The kids are rounding up one school year and getting ready to move up to the next year group. On Friday we will be getting their school reports, and we will find out which classes they will be in next year (Kindy will have two, Year One will have three) and which teachers they will get - always exciting!
It's a bit strange for me this thing with mixing them all up every year, as in Sweden you spent your first nine years in school with the same class mates. But I guess, there is such a big shift-out in people anyway here; and I do enjoy them getting to know a lot of different friends. Plus, the school is small enough for them to still see and be able to play with the friends they might not end up in the same class as.

I've been busy preparing gifts for all the teachers as a thank you for teaching the children this year, and finally I think I'm done! Feels good to have things under control!

I have also taken out the suitcases and been starting to get ready for our trip. Even though it's still ten days until we go, I like being well planned and there are a lot of things to consider and prepare beforehand.
I've already gone through all the kids clothes so I know what I need to stock up on while at home (it's perfect timing, summer sales are already on!), what the kids will grow out of in the year to come.

I've also already prepared all the presents for everybody we will visit at home! Big job!
I wonder if I will fit any of our clothes in...

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