Saturday, 6 June 2009

Nr 2 out of 3

Last night's grown-up birthday party for our friend Pippa was fab! They had prepared a fantastic meal (with a 6 kg leg of ham as centerpiece!), the company was lovely, the wine and drinks were flowing and the music was very dance friendly!

The birthday girl (with me in the background, the only photo with me in it from yesterday... typical...):

Dave, who does anything to end up on the blog :)

Synchronized dancing behind the bar:

Today has started very slowly for the whole family, but now it's almost time to get ready for part 3 of this party weekend - the Prince's party at one of the royal polo fields. My new camera is charged and ready to go, and I've got permission to take as many photos I can - so come back later, and I'll share some with you!

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