Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday sloths

We decided to have a day at home today after the busy few days we've had so far this weekend, and all the partying!

Nathan went for a bike ride this morning, and is off to work later today. Lucas and I have been doing his homework, or rather, some of it (they actually get a lot, already in Reception!). He likes the reading best, writing is a bit more of a struggle to get him to do.

Linnea is not 100% at the moment. The other day she asked herself to go to bed before dinner time, without having eaten and with a slight temperature.
Yesterday she didn't have a nap before the big party, and with all the excitement, she wore out and wasn't herself for the last two hours, just a big grizzle. She went to bed as soon as we got home but had a difficult time settling, complained that her brain hurt... (?).
Today, she has already before lunch had a long nap, but isn't quite with it anyway, poor thing. All worn out.

So, we will just take it easy today. It's nice to just stay at home and slouch around some days too! It's well needed, for sure.

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