Friday, 12 June 2009

007 - I'm ready!

Tomorrow it's time for the yearly British Loan Service Summer Ball. Last year it had a Venetian Masquerade theme, this year the theme is simply "007"!

Quite an easy one, you can come as fancy dress or just in your most gorgeous clothes! Nathan and I have opted for just glam, as we're not the biggest fancy dress fans. There are so many others here, that are so much better at that.

I've spent the last three days looking for new shoes (since I'm wearing an 'old' dress, I thought I'd treat myself to new shoes. Plus, I actually didn't have any black ones!) which isn't an easy task here in Brunei. At least not if you have slightly bigger feet like I do, anything above a size 37/38 (UK 5/6) is a mission to find. Some shops don't even have shoes that 'big' - and others just have a very limited selection.

But - after several visits and re-visits to the shoe shops around town, I actually ended up buying not just one pair of stilettos, but two!

I got the black ones first, because as I said, I didn't have any black shoes. Plus they were super comfy, and totally gorgeous... But, I just couldn't let go of the thought of those red ones (they look pink in the photo, but are really tomato red) I had seen... so I had to go back and get them too...

Now I'm ready for the party tomorrow! I just have a big decision to make - red or black shoes..?


Larssons said...

we went to a James Bond party in UK. One girl was dressed/wrapped in a white sheet and her hair all tousled up. She was a Bond girl the morning after....

MrsW said...

What a great idea!! Should've thought about that before I went all crazy shoe shopping, would definitely have been lighter on the budget!

But, on the other hand... it's going to be nice to dress up too!