Monday, 15 June 2009

Before the farewell

Our very good friends Claudia and Fredrik are on their way home to Germany very soon. Their 3-year contract is up, and it's their time to go. This is one of the really hard parts with being an expat, especially in a country like Brunei - where there is really a big shift-out constantly, of people. You make good friends, but sooner or later they have to leave, and farewells suck.

Anna and I have the privilege though, to get Claudia to ourselves this Thursday, the whole day! (She has been so busy packing and organizing lately, we've hardly seen her.) Actually, we're doing a girl's day out, in Singapore - we'll do some shopping, and visit Chinatown (which will be great, since I haven't been there yet) AND... we're going to a Swedish Midsummer Party on Thursday night, at the lawn of the Raffles Hotel! It's organized by the Swedish Business Association of Singapore - and there will be all the Swedish delicacies necessary for a proper Midsummer celebration; and hopefully some really nice people too!

I'm so looking forward to this little trip! It'll be fab!

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