Monday, 15 June 2009

What a puzzle..!

It's taken Nathan and me days and days to try and sort out the summer vacation puzzle. It's proven nearly impossible, to figure out what to do, when and how to do it - to be able to do the most exciting things, see the most friends, and still try to keep it on a reasonable budget...
We still have hotel rooms, airplane tickets, train tickets and rental cars to book; but at least now we have a plan to follow.

Unfortunately, this year, it'll be another "gypsy holiday" for a couple of weeks, where we travel around and stay a couple of nights here and a couple of nights there. It's nice yes, to see people, but it's also hard work to be on the go and live out of our suitcases for so long.

The kids and I will start and finish at my parents, so at least we will have a bit of a base station there.
Our plan (sometimes in the future) is to get our own place, a summer house of some sorts, where we could stay whenever we go back to Sweden - and then people could come and see us there! It's only fair we get to stay in one place, when we have already traveled across the world to get there!


Jason said...

Ah! Welcome to the expat world of taking your leave living out of suitcases. Don't believe for one minute that people will come and see you if you have your own place. Never worked for me as you have to remember a lot of people can only do that over the weekends due to work and kids commitments. You WILL have to go to them. Honest. I tried.

MrsW said...

Well Jason - I've done it for so long now, I actually start not to care... I just want to have a good holiday as a family. If we would get our own place, and noone would come, well, that's their loss.