Sunday, 14 June 2009

007 Summer Ball

We are in a real Sunday mood in our house today. I'm not feeling too bad at all actually, just tired. I'm really happy I was dancing more than I was drinking yesterday - but I still didn't get much sleep since the little darlings were up at 06 am, and I had only got into bed a couple of hours before that...

The ball last night was fantastic! The party committee had done a fabulous job with the decor and the setting, and you really got the Bond vibe already from the start. There was dinner, dancing, roulette playing and a raffle - and apparently I have won two prices! Hourray!

Not so many had gone for fancy dress, most men were in tux and most ladies in nice dresses - but there was a few Bond characters around. Not that I'm that much of a Bond fan that I actually knew who they were supposed to be (...), but still captured some of them on photo.
Here is a little taster of our night:

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