Sunday, 28 June 2009

His first bike race

Nathan took part in the HSBC Heart of Borneo charity bike race today. They left home this morning at 06.00 am, and biked most of the day, since they had forced pit stops and breaks along the way. But all together they did 128km (=82 miles), which is quite an achievement!

Lucas had a birthday party this afternoon, but Linnea and I (and our neighbours) went in to town to see them cross the finish line. It was a bit hard to get a park, cause town was busy, but we got there just in time. Here they come, you can spot Nathan in his fluorescent yellow shirt!

They started and ended at the Yayasan Center in the middle of Bandar. At the same place, the HSBC Family Fun Day was going on with lots of things to do and buy.
There was about 350 riders.

Here he comes!

- Yay for Daddy!

Nathan and his biker buddies, our neighbour Jeremy and John.

An ice cream was just what the supporters needed after their hard work cheering!

Nathan was only two numbers away from winning a bike helmet in the Lucky Draw, what a bugger - but he did win a new water bottle though!

We are so proud of him for doing this!

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