Friday, 6 March 2009

"Rabbits like to let the others be the leaders"

This was Lucas' line in today's Assembly: "Rabbits like to let the others be the leaders".

In the Junior School Assembly on Fridays, the different year groups take turns in "hosting" it, and today it was Reception's turn for the first time this year; and all the parents were invited to come and watch of course. All the children had got lines prepared and had practised a lot for this occasion.

They were so incredibly cute! I am such a softie though, I get all teary-eyed and so, so proud at these kind of events.
The teachers had let us know that some kids were very nervous beforehand, but you couldn't notice that at all, they were all so good!

They told us about the things they had been learning this year; about the Chinese New Year, about wild animals, dinosaurs and mini beasts; and they sang a few songs and jiggyed a bit too!

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