Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A mouse in the house

We've had a pretty slow and calm day at home today. At least so it started, but then it got a little bit more eventful.

Our amah found a little mouse in the kitchen (isch!), and we all joined forces to chase it outside. I ran to next door to get their cat, but it wasn't much interested in lunch unfortunately - so the little mouse got away. But least, it was out of the house.
(Tomorrow I'm buying mouse traps! Iach! Isn't it enough with ants and geckos and other creepy crawlies..?)

Then while I had Nathan mounting a few paintings, shelves and hooks around the house; we saw Jay outside the fence. He had found a hole we hadn't seen, and was happily using it going out, and in (!) again.
So, we had to put the drill down and go and puppy-proof a bit more. Good thing he doesn't seem to be a runaway dog - or maybe he just knows where he gets fed!

The rest of the day have been nice and peaceful though! The kids are into playing "taking the taxi to the hotel" at the moment, which is kind of cute. I love seeing them do pretend games together, or any games - I love the bond they have. They are really enjoying these calm school holidays, and so are we.

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