Tuesday, 10 March 2009

{365:69} Channeling Indiana Jones

Channeling Indiana Jones.
Today's picture will actually be two pictures, the only two I took at tonight's hash (since I only had my phone).
Tonight's hash was very special, in fact the most unusual one I have done, I think... We started out from one of the hare's house in Kota Batu, ran to the Yacht Club and - boarded boats!
They sailed us over to the other side of the river, where the trail continued. It was kind of a normal run, but, spiced up with blow-up crocodiles, fake snakes, skeletons and other "Indiana Jones-y" things along the way!
The trail was a brand new one that the hares had got help cutting by the locals. It was pretty much vertical in some places, so they had had to mount ropes for us to use. It was a great run! Really spectacular views as well from the top of the ridge! Ten points, all over!

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