Saturday, 7 March 2009

Summer plans

We have loosely started to plan our summer vacation. Now we would like to know who would like to see us, and what your plans are for the summer?
For now, it looks a bit like this for us:

10 July: School is out
12 July (or somewhere around there): Boel & kids off to Sweden
24 July: Nathan starts his vacation
25-27 July: Nathan spends weekend in UK?
27 July - 8/9/10 August: Denmark & road trip up through Sweden
8/9/10 August - 18 & 25 August: Skara
18 August: Nathan flies back
25 August: Boel & kids go back
31 August: School starts

Please let us know, where you are and when and where you can come and see us! (And if anyone by chance has, or knows someone who has, a spare car to rent us, that would be fantastic!)


Jason said...

Rent you a car? I saw the state of your own car and most of that damage was done getting in and out of your own drive. That was only the damage you admitted to. Suggest a dirrigable.

MrsW said...

Jason, that's not true! It was done at the SupaSave parking garage! :D
(It was the BMW back in the UK I managed to back into the VW in the drive...)