Friday, 13 March 2009

Our little kleptomaniac

Linnea has developed a recent obsession with money. Not as in I-want-money-so-I-can-buy-stuff as such, but as in she loves coins (notes are rarely just lying around).

Everywhere we go, she is after coins - which can be a bit embarrassing sometimes as people tend to have their change lying openly just by the door or so and often when we come around, they will be missing afterward...
We have to search her pockets every night before putting the clothes to laundry. This morning she had even put some coins in the pocket on her swimming trunks! She mostly just keeps them like that, carries them around in her pockets or brings them out in the car, puts them in her bags etc.

The other day at school, they were gluing pictures of different things onto a paper, playing shop. There was pictures of different things you can buy at the shop, and of money to buy it with, to learn values a bit I guess.
But Linnea didn't stick the picture of the coins on to her paper, no - she folded it up and put it in her pocket! :D

If only she would take them and put them in her piggy bank, she would be a rich girl very soon!

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