Sunday, 8 March 2009

Some extra summer plans

I'm not sure quite yet if it will be possible, but I'm still hoping I will be able to go home to Sweden and Denmark in June, for the two weddings we are invited to.
It will be just me (and maybe the kids), but we are trying to figure out the logistics at the moment, and the economics...

In that case, it will look like this:
4 June - Departing Brunei
6 June - Wedding in Sweden
13 June - Wedding in Denmark
15 June - Departing Sweden
17 June - Back in Brunei

In between the weddings I will be in Skara of course, but it's really a flying visit.

1 comment:

coecoe said...

Hey..u really have to leave before 6th? poor thing if you not around the 1st weekend!