Saturday, 7 March 2009

The night owl and the sleep-ins

Ever since I was young, I have been a night owl. I always did all my homework in the evenings, seemed to be more efficient and clear in my mind then.
When I was a student I used to be up all night and study, I never got into the books before it was dark, but could stay up until 03 am without any problems. Of course, I used to then sleep all morning instead...

Working as an air hostess I had all sorts of strange working hours, but I never seemed to have any trouble to sleep. I often slept well into the day (when I could) and I remember being so upset if the phone went off before 10.30 - who would call this early?!?
My very long sleep-ins was even made a joke of in one of the speeches at our wedding...

The sleep-ins disappeared when Lucas was born as you would imagine, and now they are just a distant memory.
Well, to be honest, even in the UK we would take turns to get up with the kids, but as they make noise and carry on as soon as they are awake - you didn't really sleep even if you got to stay in bed.
Here, I usually actually get one decent sleep-in a week, because the house is so solid you can't hear the kids when they get up, and on Saturdays the amah looks after them in the morning. Bliss.

Well, sleep-in... Today that means anytime after 08.00... (which is better than the normal 06.15 when it's school). If I get up after 09.00 it feels like the whole day has gone already!
You definitely change when you get kids, and when you get older! (I still enjoy staying up late though, that's when my scrapping gets done, that's when I'm mostly creative - I just feel the lack of sleep more now...)

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