Sunday, 1 March 2009

20 at 5

I had completely forgot, but at Lucas' birthday I did a little interview with him. It's 20 questions that I'm planning to ask him every year, to be able later to compare the answers. Here is Lucas' answers at 5:

1. What's your name? Lucas... (getting prompted "what else?") Watson
2. Where do you live? Brunei (getting prompted again) Jalan Muara
3. How old are you? Five
4. Really? YES!
5. Why is it good to be five? Because I can have a party, and I can play Lego
6. What do you like to do? Play Wii
7. What do don't like? When someone is kicking and fighting
8. Why do you have to sleep at night? Because it's bedtime
9. What are you going to be when you grow up? A grown-up! (Prompted "what else?") A daddy... and a police
10. What does a police man do? He puts the bad guys in the cage
11. Where does babies come from? Mummy's tummy
12. Have I been a baby? Mhm
13. Which are your favourite clothes? (Thinks hard) My Spiderman-tshirt
14. What would you like Santa to bring? (We do agree Christmas is far away, but anyway) More Spiderman toys
15. Where does Santa live? North Pole
16. Who is your best friends? Daniel, Shafiq, Ruey and Malthe
17. Which is the most beautiful word you know? Toy
18. What are you good at? Play
19. When does mummy and daddy get angry with you? When Linnea and I fight
20. What are you going to do now? Play with Linnea

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