Sunday, 22 March 2009

Safe trip!

Today we bid farewell to our latest guests, Thomas, Signe and Konrad. They have spent almost a week with us and are now on their way back home to Denmark again (via HongKong and Bangkok). We wish them a safe trip!

I wish I could say we have shown them all the best of Brunei, but truth to be told, we haven't done much, ha ha!
They insisted on staying on Danish time (- 7 hrs), so didn't get up until very late in the mornings; had to have a siesta most part of the afternoons and instead was up most of the nights long after the rest of us had gone to bed...
(In the end I'm not sure what time they were on, not Bruneian and not Danish, rather somewhere in between. I'm sure they will still be in upside-down-time when they get back to DK despite their good intentions.)

But, I dragged Signe along to the hash on Tuesday, Thomas came for a short trip on the boat on Friday - and we did go swimming at least, quite a few times! We also had some nice food, wouldn't be a Thomas-visit without nice food (and Lego, of course - see previous post)!

And as always, it's so nice to have friends that make the effort to come all the way out here to visit, and experience our life. It's very much appreciated!

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