Sunday, 29 March 2009

{365:88} Unexpected electrical skills

Unexpected electrical skills.
What you see here, is a brave attempt on something I had never done before. I set off to change the plug on a lamp I bought in IKEA the other day! (I don't now why, but even though we have 3-pin plugs in this part of the world, the IKEA products are still sold with Swedish 2-pin plugs? Certainly not Swedish logic!) I'm so sick of having big, clumsy adapters in every socket.

I must say, I didn't really believe I would be able to do it, but gave it a try anyway. I opened another plug I had, to see how it was all connected, did the chop, and then it was no return.
Actually, it wasn't that complicated! I did it (in true Dora-spirit), and then there was light:

This photo is a bit too bright, the lamp actually looks like this:

(Picture borrowed from
It's the new 'Knubbig' hand blown lamp, with cherry blossoms on it. Very pretty!


TinTin said...

Vad duktigt du var. Det är ju inte så himla svårt egentligen, när man väl sätter igng, men vad skönt att ha allting fixat!

Jason said...

They actually sell a little thing that you screw on to the euro plug to convert it into the UK type 3 pin plug. Saw them in Ikea in the lighting section last time I was there. I dare say somewhere like Hua Ho in Brunei might do them too.

Anonymous said...

Hey i got the same white lamp.. I bought a 15watt bulb... and the light bulb was too long! IDK the bulb wouldnt fit its just a hair too long. I dont get it does the socket come out or something so i can plug it in? I hate this lamp!