Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Where is the volume control?

Every time I (or Nathan) try to have a sleep in, I wonder, when will my kids develop their volume control?

Lucas is actually quite good now. He is old enough to understand what you explain to him, sometimes even grasp the consequences of his actions etc. Whether he chooses to listen to you or not, well that's another story!
Sometimes I can get him to understand, that Daddy has been up late flying and would like to sleep. At least he avoids going into the bedroom waking him up, but the volume control... - again a different story.

Linnea on the other hand, doesn't get it at all. Actually she has been entering a phase (well, I sure hope it's a passing phase!) of not wanting to listen to anything we say, doing anything we ask her too, obeying the slightest or be good girl. She's quite the opposite mostly - she's stubborn, she gets so angry and grumpy when things don't go her way and she certainly doesn't agree with any of our rules...
Volume control? Nah, keep dreaming... maybe one day.

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