Sunday, 29 March 2009


We were supposed to fly home from Singapore last night. Earlier in the week, that flight looked wide open so that was the one we were aiming for. It turned out, it had got completely full!
We tried anyway, you never know if someone might not show up, but no luck... Nathan had to get back to go to work, he had requested the jump seat off the Captain, so we saw him off - and then took a taxi back to our friends, for another nights stay.

Luckily we didn't get stuck in some strange place, but a place we know pretty well by now, and also, obviously - a place where we have friends who help us out.
The kids and I got another lift back to the airport this morning, and the three last seats on this mornings flight! Lucky us! (We had to wait until check-in closed before they could release the seats to us, and when I tried to explain to the kids that we might not get on again, Lucas let out: "Are we going to stay here forever?!?")

While waiting for the seats, we had a break at Starbucks, and the kids got these to munch on, in the spirit of Easter:

Now we are going to Easter decorate the house!

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