Wednesday, 11 March 2009

18,9 km

18,9 km, that is how long the school run is for us, one way.
Today (like so many other days when Nathan is not around) I did all three school runs (one to drop them off, the 11.30 to pick Linnea up and the 14.00 to get Lucas), that is almost 114 km, just to get the kids to school and back home again... Lucky fueling the car is cheap around here!

Sure, it gets a bit boring from time to time, especially to drive the same way every day; but luckily most of it is motorway and the traffic is never heavy around here, so at least it's a quick drive.
We are quite a few in the neighborhood who has got kids at the same school, and several of our friends have offered to do shared school runs, but to be honest - I actually don't mind.
The kids are still so young, and I can see how happy they are that I'm there to pick them up at the end of their day. That's the least I can do for them!

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