Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Linnea has gone very brave these last few months. It wasn't that long ago, she just bopped around with her floaties on whenever we went swimming, and didn't like to get her head under water, or even wet.
Now, she still wears the floaties if we ask her too (calmer for the parents), but she also likes to swim around without them. She jumps in from the side, does the cannonball, dives and carries on!

She can swim now, but is still not 100% confident, so we still stay close when she wants to go at it without the floaties. She hasn't really got the breathing technique just yet, but it wont be long!
Isn't it cool, at 3 1/2!?

We have decided to wait until after the summer holidays, and then put them into the Swimming Club at school. They do already go swimming in school once a week, but we can see that the Swimming Club is really making a difference for the kids attending it - so even though it's slightly on the expensive side, it might be worth it. At least, if we are not planning to take the kids out of school to go somewhere that term.

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