Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer Ball 2011

The theme for this years Loan Service Summer Ball was 'Royal Weddings'.
I was a bit confused at start about what to wear, something I'd wear to a Royal Wedding (as if I would ever get invited to one!)? Something "Royal"? Something long or short? Something "dress-up"?
I heard people were going for all sorts of variations, and couldn't really decide what to do. I didn't feel like dressing up and was all out of ideas, so I decided to go normal - but with a little twist!
This is about how far I felt like going dress-up-wise this time:

Do you get the joke?!

I was on my own for the start of the evening as Nathan was flying. The party was held in the new and (beautifully!) refurbished Community Center, which was fantastically decorated, as usual with the Loan Service dos.
When we arrived, we had our picture taken by these two "Press"-photographers!

Kellie, with the provisions we got for our table!

Here's one part of the Party Hall:

(Photo taken by Kate Pendleton)

Lissie and Ronnie as The Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary:

Queen. Say no more.

Claire, Harjit as Princess Fiona, Anna as Swedish Crown Princess Victoria (well, that's who we decided she looked like!) and Marlene the Red Carpet!

The famous "toilet seat"-hat x 2:

Clare, thinking outside the box:

At our table, the Martins and the Sparrows:

And me, with the empty chair where Nathan should be...

But then he turned up!♥

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but there you go. More might follow then I get the "official" ones!
It was a great night with great friends! Loan Service always knows how to put on a fab party!

(P.S The joke with the sign on my bottom - refers to the Facebook group "The Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society" that was created the day after the British Royal Wedding, and now has over 200,000 members.)

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Norm said...

Glad Nathan made it in the end! It was a really fun evening.