Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Jinxed journey

I've been thinking, I've done this journey between Scandinavia and Brunei now 13 times - and quite a few of those times things have gone wrong. I'm starting to feel like it's jinxed.

Already that very first trip down here, when we moved, the airplane got a bird through the motor and parts off the motor broke off and we had to return and land again. Three days in a hotel later, we finally got to leave. (That was actually the birth of this blog, I was so bored in that hotel I needed something to do, so at least one good thing came out of that!)

In March we nearly had to turn around and go back to Brunei when the tickets we had bought to go across to Scandiland all of a sudden turned out to be unvalid! It was either going back, or buying new ones an hour before the flight... Not a cheap trip.

On one of the other trips we had to do a 3 hour transit in CPH on the way to UK since they cancelled our direct flight, and one of our bags managed to get lost (and found luckily) between Sweden and the UK. On yet another trip Lucas fell in the escalator and trying to help him, both Lucas, Linnea and I tumbled all the way down to the bottom, ouch.

I'm wondering, what will happen next time?

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