Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow play

On the way to Sweden this time we followed the same itinerary as this summer, with a few days stop-over in the UK. In the summer that proved to be a really good way of dealing with the long trip, which otherwise is really exhausting. Breaking it in two seemed to do the trick, and also, to have friends to play with straight away made the jet lag a lot easier to handle.

We stayed with some different friends this time, and got really well taken care of for a few days. Although in hindsight, this time it would've been a better idea to go straight to a connecting flight at Heathrow - since we nearly snowed in down in Horsham!
The kids loved the snow of course, borrowed some clothes and were outside with their friends for as long as they could handle the cold. Just rolled around and had fun!

We arrived Wednesday morning, and from then on it just snowed and snowed and snowed... it was absolute madness! Beautiful yes, but they really weren't prepared at all, and everything came to a grinding halt. UK is not quite as Sweden in that perspective, not so used to handling these kind of snow masses...

As I said in previous posts, Gatwick was closed from Wednesday until Friday morning, and we were really, really lucky to get out of there yesterday! So many other flights were still cancelled, and the weather was just holding up enough for us to be able to go.
(The only crisis was when we realized there was no McDonald's in the North Terminal.)
We had to wait for two hours on board the plane though for the deicing truck, but it didn't matter, at least we were on our way!

Arriving in Sweden, it was nearly -10, but a totally different story. All the cars here have winter tyres on and all the streets are kept nice and clean. No disturbance at all. Just really cold..!

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