Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Winter Village

Today we had a little bit of Christmas build-up, Brunei style.
At the lush Empire Hotel & Country Club, they've had a 'Winter Village' going on all through December.

First when you entered the hotel, there was this huge Christmas tree in the foyer, all made out of proboscis monkeys! Pretty cool, and so suited for Brunei!

The 'Winter Village' was at the bottom of the big atrium, decorated with a few festive decorations, an open fire, snowmen, a Santa sledge etc. It was actually quite nice!

They offered festive drinks and snacks, and the kids could participate in crafty arts, both Lucas and Linnea iced some gingerbread men.

You could see they'd had some practice with the icing in Sweden!

And, they even had a snow show! At 8 pm, it started to snow, and all the kids got super excited - well, not mine so much..! They know real snow by now!

Even down in the village the little monkeys were a little bit everywhere in the display:

A lovely start to Christmas - bring it on!

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