Monday, 13 December 2010

Swedish phenomena

Friday night was a big TV-night for many here in Sweden. Two big events were televised live, and Erika and I did what many probably did - zapped between the two and got the best of both!

It was the 'Idol' finale, sent live from Globen. The same concept known from 'American Idol' and 'X-Factor' etc, but of course without the vital ingredient that makes those shows so good: Simon Cowell. The Swedish version was very, very bleak if you ask me. I didn't like the judges and the show was not really entertaining, at all.
Plus, the wrong person won! Well, so thought we but neither one of us have never watched 'Idol', neither this nor any of the previous seasons. It's quite intriguing though how BIG it is here in Sweden, it's like it's a big vacuum now once it's finished for the season. What to talk about now??

Well, the better choice on Friday night was definitely the airing of the 'Nobel Prize Banquet', the big dinner after the Nobel Prize award ceremony. A huge affair attended by the Royals and full of beautiful people, every year on the 10th of December. I've loved watching it since I was a kid, especially all the pretty dresses, and also listening to the commentators and all the stories they tell.
This year the were mostly busy trying to figure out if that was a baby bump on Princess Victoria and why she was saying no to wine! Ha ha, even at the 'Nobel Dinner' they report tabloid-style!

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