Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow shopping

It's been very unsure all day whether or not we will be able to fly out tomorrow as planned, or not (and still is...). The bet has mostly been not, so in a bid to prepare a bit, I went up to town today to do some "snow shopping" for a few things we might be needing if we have to stay longer - such as snow boots for me (duh) and more underwear etc...

The travel mayhem aside, it's absolutely beautiful outside at the moment with all this snow. Last night only it fell about 30 cm!
I can't remember having seen this much snow since I was a child! All over town, people were pulling their kids in toboggans and small sledges. As long as you are dressed appropriately, it's lovely to be walking about outside.

(And yes, my back-camera on my phone is creating strange lines on my photos :( Boo.)

I stopped in to get my favourite coffee too of course, a 'Gingerbread Latte' from Starbucks, mmm! I had been dreaming about that for a while, it's one of their Christmas specials.

(And Fredrik - did you see on the photo where I've been today too? ... TKMaxx! Another must, ha ha!)

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