Saturday, 25 December 2010

Var är Fjant?

'Trolltyg i tomteskogen' (='Gnomes') is an American animated film from 1980, based on a book with the same title (that I happen to own, it's beautiful). It's a story about two little gnomes' wedding plans getting disturbed by some mean trolls - but it's also a narration to explain some of the facts about the different sorts of gnomes, and what sorts of duties they perform to help the creatures they live amongst.

Well, it's not just any old animation - it's a movie that has been shown on Swedish TV over and over again while I was a child; until it's unclear copyright status (after the production company shut down) made further viewing impossible by the Swedish TV until the status was resolved.
This year - that happened, and in December they released this movie on DVD. So of course, I bought a copy!
To my great pleasure, the kids seem to enjoy it just as much as I do, it really warms my heart to be able to share this childhood memory of mine with them.

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