Thursday, 9 December 2010

Mer jul..!

This afternoon I took the kids to the local museum. I had seen the advertising for this years Christmas exhibition 'Mer jul..!' (=More Christmas) and I thought that could be a nice thing to do.

The exhibition consisted of 24 little stations that each told us about the history of our special Christmas traditions. Like why we celebrate Lucia:

The story about the 'Julbocken':

Why we eat Christmas porridge:

How they used to bake extra pretty bread, in these tins, for Christmas:

We learned about the Christmas ham, and about the "poor little piggies" (as Linnea said):

And about the gingerbread baking:

Even if the kids' attention span isn't really there yet, it's nice to bring them along to do these kind of things. It's important to me they feel a connection to my country, even if it'll probably never be 'theirs'.

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