Friday, 3 December 2010

Snowed in

I'm sitting here incessivly updating the Twitter feed from Gatwick airport, and the easyJet homepage. Gatwick has been closed since yesterday, and is not scheduled to open until earliest 06 am tomorrow morning... I really hope it'll happen, that will give us a chance to actually get out of here on the flight we are supposed to!

The snowing has finally stopped and according to several weather sites, it's supposed to be clear and sunny tomorrow.
We're seriously snowed in though! There has been so much snow falling the last few days and last night it just kept coming and coming, probably about 40 cm! Totally crazy!
I can't remember having seen this much snow since I was a kid!

Well, apparently Gatwick have 45 vehicles snow clearing, so if they can work all night long and there will be no more snowfall - it should be ok tomorrow!
Keep your fingers crossed!

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