Saturday, 18 December 2010

Supermarket Santa

Went to the supermarket today to get the last supplies to bring home to Brunei. They had a little Santa Grotto built up today, where you could take photos, meet Santa (who gave all the kids Lego!) and make Christmas cards and drawings.

They even had a life-size reindeer!

Lucas and Linnea created some beautiful Christmas drawings of Santa:

Nice Christmassy ending to our "Christmas time" here in Sweden!

We also went sledging one last time this afternoon, but it was only -4 today, so not as freezing cold as last time. We had quite a few good rides down the hill, where someone had build on the bump, so Lucas was happy!

I think we're nicely fueled up with Christmas, winter and snow now. At least in my heart the Christmas feeling is warmly buzzing like fireworks!

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Dosiss said...

Ska ni redan âka hem? Jag trodde ni skulle fira en vit jul i âr;)