Monday, 13 December 2010

A new dimension of evil

I'm pretty sure the news about Saturday's events here in Sweden have reached most news desks around the world. Here in Sweden they have been reporting about it around the clock, almost in the same manner as about the terrorist attacks of 09/11.

Short story: About 5 o'clock Saturday afternoon a car bomb exploded and a few minutes after a suicide bomber blew himself up, on one of the biggest pedestrian street in central Stockholm. The attack was the first of it's kind in Sweden.

It could've been truly catastrophic.
Apparently the man was wearing a belt loaded with metal bullets and 12 separate pipe bombs; plus a backpack full of nails. The current theory of the police is that he was planning on planting the backpack in one of the bigger shops in the central of the capital, then continue to the Central Station, remote detonate the backpack and then blow himself up... Something seems to have gone wrong for him, and one of the bombs went off from his belt, too early. Luckily no one else got hurt.

I was in Stockholm over the weekend. I was in central Stockholm to do some Christmas shopping on Saturday afternoon. I had been to that shop and in that very same area those bombs were aimed for earlier that day. I had passed the Central Station.
The rest of my stay in Stockholm I felt quite uneasy. There is a new dimension of evil in our country.

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