Tuesday, 14 December 2010

13th December - Lucia Day

Yesterday was Lucia, a lovely happening sort of halfway through the long wait for Christmas, but also an important day all on it's own.

It's been four years since I last saw a Lucia Concert live, here in Skara; and even though it's fantastic we can now follow it on TV via the internet, and the live Lucia procession of two years ago was adorable - nothing really measures up to a real concert in a church on Lucia Day.

Last night we went to the Lucia Concert in the Skara Domkyrka. Even though this is one of the biggest churches in Sweden, it was all full and people were even standing up at the back get to catch a glimpse of Lucia and enjoy the singing.

It was a bit of a long wait for Lucia...

... but finally she came, and it was very beautiful with all the lights.

Apparently this Lucia's real name was Linnea!

It didn't start until 19.30, so the kids were pretty tired. Linnea actually fell asleep halfway through, and Lucas had enough after a while too and just sat back and closed his eyes.
I closed my eyes too, but for another reason - they were full of tears... It was so beautiful and I tried hard to absorb it all deep inside; create beautiful memories for the next few years when I'll be back to just watching it over the internet.

And this morning, an inspired little girl turned into the cutest tärna (=Lucia's attendant)!

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