Thursday, 9 December 2010


This afternoon we took the kids to town, to one of the hills where kids have been sledging ever since I was a kid (and probably before that too!) - and where I used to sledge all the time back in the day. I have many winter memories from this hill. Somehow it didn't seem as big and scary anymore though. ;)
The kids had an absolute blast!

Getting a push to go:

Down we go:

I was there too!

Down we go, aiming for the bump:

And up we come:

Really happy!
Down, and up, and down again, and up... and down, and up... We could have stayed all night..! Next time we'll have to bring some hot chocolate to keep us warm up the top! We've already promised them to go back tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and... well, you get the picture!

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