Monday, 13 December 2010

Lucia Morning on SVT

Who's Lucia? --- Why is she having candles in her hair? --- Are they singing for Lucia? --- Where is this? --- Is that real candles or just light? --- Why is she dead? --- How do you know what they're singing? --- Is that not the real Lucia? --- Is it Lucia's birthday? --- Is that photo of Lucia? --- Why are the girls singing so loud? --- Is this happening now now? --- Where is Italy? --- Why are they wearing funny hats? -- Which language are they singing in? --- Why did they kill her? --- How long ago is a thousand years? --- Why doesn't Lucia sing? --- How many more songs? --- What's this song about? --- Mummy, these songs don't rock much...

(We got up to watch the Swedish Lucia on National TV this morning, a beautiful tradition that just not isn't the same when it's watched on the internet. This year very traditional and beautiful with a youth choir, Södra Latins Kammarkör, from Stockholm.)

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