Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Santa Lucia

On Sunday (the 13th) it was Lucia-day in Sweden, a very important day in the gearing-up until Christmas. It gets celebrated in every Kindergarten, every school, every hospital and official buildning in Sweden. We celebrated it last year when we were down in NZ, but this year the kids didn't want to dress up (*sob, sob*).

On the Swedish television they air the 'national' Lucia performance every year at 07 am, so that you can listen to the beautiful singing for breakfast.
This year it was a very traditional Lucia concert with a huge choir, from the cathedral in Växjö. You can see it here, if you are interested. Linnea and I watched it together over the internet yesterday. Me with tears in my eyes because it was really moving, and she with tons of questions - "why are they having funny hats?", "why does she have candles in her hair?", "why do the boys have dresses on?", "why are they waving stars?"...etc... She did seem to think it was very special though. Next year, I'm planning on watching a Lucia concert in Sweden!

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