Saturday, 5 December 2009

He can do it!

He must have got super motivated by our "cycle-holiday" in NZ, our dear Lucas; because near to the first thing he did once we got home today was to bring his bike outside - get on it, and just pedal! Like he had done it forever and ever!

Only thing is, even though the training wheels have been off for a while now, he hasn't really been getting the hang of it when we have tried before. He's rather been just scared and has always jumped off as soon as the bike have started to wobble.
Today he just went and sat on it, totally determined, and started riding!

He then spent the whole afternoon going up and down our simpang, and he was just so proud of himself..!
Here's a little movie clip:

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Jason said...

Was that I dent I could see in the Fortuner?