Saturday, 26 December 2009

Santa's visit Xmas 2009

After we came back home from the Christmas lunch on Christmas Eve, it was time for Santa to visit - as tradition is in Sweden. We had managed to borrow a Santa suit, but it had no proper mask unfortunately, so poor Matt (who we'd asked to do us the favour) got busted the minute he walked through the door! :)

It was rather funny though, because although Linnea could see that it was Matt, she wasn't 100% convinced. She seemed to think she'd better play along when he asked her to sit on Santa's lap, and ended up having a bit of a chat. To Lucas, it didn't matter either that it was Matt, because as he said: he knows people dress up as Santa to help him, cause he is sooo busy - and he knew that the real Santa would come back in the night anyway!
Well, Mummy got some nice photos at least!

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