Saturday, 12 December 2009

The twelve days of Christmas

Since we were away for the beginning of December (and honestly, since I had a hard time keeping up with it being Christmas soon, when we left for NZ in the middle in November...) - the Advent Calendars this year got put aside initially. The kids didn't ask for them, so we thought maybe we'd give it a miss this year.

But... a bit of guilt (I always loved this tradition myself as a child) made me then came up with a solution that worked for all. We started the calendars today, and we're calling it 'The twelve days of Christmas'.
Reason being, we only had one Lego-calendar, so now they can open one flap each every day until Christmas.

I also prepared the normal gift-calendars, so they have one gift each until Christmas there too! (Since our Christmas starts on the 24th, you know!)

Very happy kids this morning, and all excited about the rest of the presents! Maybe also, this will stop Linnea's endless questioning too... "Is it Christmas today Mummy?", "Is Santa coming today?"... Now we can count the presents=days together.

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