Monday, 21 December 2009

Cool connections

Tonight I'm going to take part in a Swedish-Danish radio show, in Spain! How? And why - you might wonder.

Well, I know this girl Anna from an internet forum I've been taking part in for the last six years. It's a forum for Swedish mums living abroad, I've written about it before here for example. Anna lives on Costa del Sol in Spain and I've actually met her and her son in person, very briefly nearly four years ago when we were in Malaga on holiday. You can read a recent interview with her here!

She works as a radio journalist at this Scandinavian radio station they have down there; and when she had an idea of a different angle of what an expat Christmas could be - she contacted me!
So tonight at 6 pm she will Skype me, and we will have a little chat about how I celebrate Christmas here in Brunei, how I continue my traditions with my children, how I've adapted to all the different influences and different Christmases and other things. It's going to be really fun!

She has sent me the questions in advance, for me to prepare a little bit (so I don't ramble too much!) - and we are not live on air. The show will be transmitted on Wednesday 3-4 pm Swedish/Danish/Spanish time, from this radio station.
(After a few days, you will also be able to listen to the show on the web page for two weeks after it's been sent.)

I just love cool connections like this!
And - be sure to tune in to hear my first radio apperance!


Katarina said...

Hej,, Jag hittade hit!

Brunei, har jag varit till ett antal gånger,,, he he.. Väldigt speciellt!

Själv bor jag i Filippinerna. Ser att ni bakat lussebullar mmm. Imorgon är det min tur!

Önskar dig och din familj en God Jul! Jag återkommer till din blogg.

malin2 said...

Vad kul! Måste lyssna på programmet-