Friday, 4 December 2009

Huka Falls photo shoot

My biggest role this week has been to take the "official" photos of the boys - to be sent in to RBA to give them an idea of this experience.
Photos might go in their inflight magazine, or be used in other ways within RBA and their marketing - so no pressure!
I've done my best though! And I'm proud to say I've shot some gems!

The photos from the race itself will come in a post tomorrow Saturday after we are back in Brunei. I will put them all in a slide show as there are so many. Until then, here are a few photos from a photo shoot we did the day after the race, on the way to and at the famous Huka Falls, the most visited natural attraction in NZ.

Coming down the big hill from the house:

With Lake Taupo ahead:

On the Acacia Bay straight:

With snow covered Mount Ruapehu in the background:

At the Scenic Lookout just outside Taupo:

Beautiful NZ surroundings:

At the Huka Falls:

The Huka Falls upstream:

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