Wednesday, 30 December 2009

MIssion impossible

Today I went about to do some last-minute shopping around town before our NY-party tomorrow, and ended up driving from place to place for over four hours without finding much of what I needed!
It seems like New Years is kind of a non-event here. I couldn't get any fireworks, no streamers, no funny hats - all I got was some very annoying horns, so at least we can make some noise with them at midnight!

Bugger. Next year we will have to plan in advance, and stock up on fireworks when they sell them at Raya I guess!


Xini Björnmamman Does Thailand said...

Hehe, so I'm not the only one trying to fix things in the last minute ;).
I wish you a Happy New Year 2010!
Xini Björnmamman

TinTin said...

Tycker överhuvudtagt att det är dåligt med firande i år - det har liksom varit en nedåtgående trend. Det ekonomiska läget föralldel, men jag undrar om det snarare är en cykel som alla andra. Ser fram emot mer firande överhuvudtaget kommande år och så vill jag ha fler julklappar! ;)
Gott nytt år och massor av goda tankar!

Anonymous said...

Hello! :D I was googling something and found your blog. :D i hope this helps the next time you need top find party stuff :D

-Cute Pack (tanjung bunut, serusop, kiulap behind The Arch) for things like streamers, balloons, birthday tiaras etc

-Little M (batu besurat) for costumes! :D

-Plaza Athirah (batu satu) ground floor between the fruit kiosks for costumes

-SupaSave bookshop (Mata Mata) for face paints

-Hua Ho stationery section for face paints

-Deseo (Kiulap, regent Square) for masks, wigs, hats

-Hokko (Kiarong) for craft supplies and scary masks

-Mothercare (kiulap) for children's costumes

Hope this helps! :D