Sunday, 13 December 2009

På våran gata i staaan...

Or if you prefer, "The social simpang".
There are 6 houses in our simpang (=street), four of them are occupied by fellow RBA-families. We are so lucky to all get along really well, and are very good friends too.
Sometimes it feels like we live in one big hippie-style collective! Dinners around here are more often impromptu than planned; the kids walk or bike freely and by themselves between the houses, have snack here or there. The doors to our house sometimes are like revolving doors - never shut and rarely knocked on, people just tend to come right in!

The other day, three out of the four families (the 4th was away on a trip) went down to the track all of us, husbands, kids and all. The boys took their bikes and the kids on theirs and went for a bit of a ride - and us girls went for a jog.
Nicole, Misuzu and I do the hash on Tuesdays; the boys of course go biking together (even Matt has now bought a bike!); Matt and I play squash every now and then, and of course there is a lot of coffee-drinking and low-key wine nights too.

It's nice to share interests with your neighbours, and not only "live in the same street". It also feels safe to have good people close-by, and we are always there for each other and help each other out with different things all the time, small and big.
I'm really happy we are living where we are, and that I have these lovely people around me!

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