Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The cow lady

Our friends Paula and John (from the Loan Service Team in Brunei) were the first visitors to come down to Taupo last week. They arrived already last Sunday to spend the week preparing for the race together with us, and do a bit of sightseeing.
This was their first visit to NZ and while driving down from Auckland, Paula had been totally taken by the beautiful scenery, the rolling hills, the big forrests - and the many fields full of sheep, and cows. Bless her, they reminded her of home!

She had the whole memory card on her camera full of photos of cows (?), and the fetish continued during the week. This is how she spent the drive to Rotoroua:

She also found cow mosaics at the L'Arte café up the road:

And she got a photo of the boys biking - with cows as a backdrop!

We kept teasing Paula for her cow fetish all week, but secretly - we love the cows too! A welcome change to the Brunei "pets" we've had lately!

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