Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Millenium fever

The Millenium fever has reached Brunei in full force! That is the "Stieg-Larsson-trilogy-Millenium-fever". Everybody is reading them, and our friends here in Brunei are not alone! Apparently the books have sold in more than 22 million copies worldwide!
The first two books in this trilogy, are in 3rd and 4th place over the best-selling books in the world for 2009 - beaten only by the two 'Twilight'-books. (They were in top three last year as well, beaten then only by 'The Kiterunner'!)
Not bad!

Us Swedes are very proud of this phenomenon, and I'm using the books are the "perfect gift" every time I have a grown-up present to give. Everybody loves them!
Some of our friends have also seen the first movie; subtitled in swedish of course. Some have found it a bit weird, to watch a "foreign language-movie", and did wonder "doesn't it come in english?". Ha ha!
Well, good news - Hollywood is in final discussions about the rights to do their version (and George Cloony is apparently keen on playing Blomqvist!). So watch this space!

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