Sunday, 20 December 2009

A fun afternoon

This week started pretty slowly, with the thought of "three whole weeks left of the holidays...". It seemed like a very long time, considering many are away for this long break, everything slows down here and in all honesty - there is not that much to do here.
But as the week went on, we all really got into holiday mode and started to appreciate having easy days, enjoying the sleep-ins and not being bound by pick-up times or homework or other obligations. We've had quite a few playdates this week, the kids have been to the movies to see "The Princess and the frog", we've done some baking and just hung out and taken it easy.
Now it rather feels "Wow, only two weeks left now"!

Yesterday afternoon was spent at the Yacht Club, at the lovely birthday party for our little friend Gemma, who turned four. Her parents had arranged lots of games and fun things, so the kids had a ball!

Games on the beach:


Linnea, Daniel & Ben:

Linnea swimming with Prince Wakeel and Princess Ameerah:

Playing with the parachute:

This is what happens when you shout "Cake time":

Birthday girl getting a hand cutting the cake:

Cake time:

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